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hall, not from the department itself. >> reporter: as a nationwide search for a new chief of police kicks off, names are starting to surface. they tell cbs 5 that fresno chief and the sacramento chief have been mentioned internally as likely candidates. >> we went through the process two years ago. i think what came out of that is that the president wanted the chief to be a super man or a super woman. >> and one city council member took an unusual step arguing to dump the nationwide search and to appoint a recently retired san jose police chief captain. >> we have people that maybe we could take a look at and forgo the process. and i think that the retired captain would be an outstanding selection for an ex-police chief. >> reporter: but the decision is not his. it belongs to the city manager who says that there will be no shortcuts. >> this is a critically important decision for the city of san jose. one of the most visible appointments that we have for them that make the appointments. we want to make sure that they listen to the community and
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that they are validating what we have heard before and to adjust anything that we'll need for the evaluation based on what we will be hearing now. >> reporter: and that search process is expected to cost the city of san jose $44,000. the process will continue throughout the week with the community meetings at various locations in san jose. the interview process will start up in january. and the new chief, they should be hired by the end of the month about the same time that chief chris moore steps down. reporting live in san jose, cbs 5. a pair of armed robbers didn't get any diamonds when they hit that san jose jewelry store today. instead, they got into a shoot with the woman behind the counter. police, they say at least one of the suspects opened fire during the robbery attempt at the store near king. well the owner fired right back. nobody was hit. and they took off in a black suv. >> other bay area headlines, it is still unclear whether or not drugs or alcohol were factors in the fiery fatal crash. this bmw burst into flames
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after rear ending a big rig on westbound 80 early sunday. the driver, a 23-year-old man died. his 21-year-old passenger was badly hurt. the trucker was not injured. a 15-year-old suspected in a deadly san jose crime spree could be charged as an adult. police say the teenager and a 26-year-old man robbed four san jose businesses on november 16 before killing a man for his car. the crime spree ended in a police shootout that left an officer injured. that teenager is set to be arraigned in adult court as early as tomorrow. a san francisco sheriff deputy accused of holding up a bank of america appeared in court today. prosecutors say fingerprints and surveillance video linked 36-year-old phillip tong to a at the balboa street branch earlier this month. investigators say that tong was $750,000 in debt and recently filed for bankruptcy. a local business is fed up with thieves targeting their customers, so they are taking a
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stand. linda yee is in the russian hill neighborhood where one business took their messages to the streets. linda? >> reporter: and allen that message is if you must use your smart phones on the street, be aware of your surroundings. this neighbor is particularly vulnerable because a lot of people are texting, using their phones, not being aware and being robbed. it has been such a big problem that this business here on folk street decided to post a sign warning their customers. >> reporter: they are talking and they are texting as they walk down the street or sit at a sidewalk cafe. police call these folks easy targets for thieves. this woman was a victim in russian hill recently. >> i was just sitting there looking down at my phone and then somebody just grabbed it and it was like a phone wallet combo. i started chasing after them. but then like i realized there was two of them and i said what am i going to do? >> reporter: and that was enough for her boss and co- workers at this beauty store nearby to put up this sign
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warning customers. thieves are getting more aggressive, grabbing phones easily, but sometimes using pepper spray, even a gun to steal the phones. especially from women who are distracted by their phones. >> and it seems to be a very safe neighborhood. >> usually it is, but i feel like people take advantage of that and they take advantage of feeling so safe. so they just, you know, you let your guard down. >> reporter: it was just last year when a taxicab surveillance camera caught this woman walking in the same neighborhood. watch the man next to her. in seconds, he grabs her phone and runs off. it's not too hard to do. >> you know how easy it is for me to grab it like this? >> reporter: this woman was standing around with the iphone in her hand. >> you forget to look around and see what's going on. >> reporter: police say on the black market a thief could get at least $100 for a stolen iphone. shopping mall key crossings are even more -- kiosks are even more convenient. they could fetch $160. one man recently dumped a bunch of them here at the westfield
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mall downtown san francisco. john tucker saw him. >> and he had probably about five to six phones. and he was just putting them in there, like they were quarters in a candy machine and getting money for them. and so you know at one point he actually shook his jacket to make sure he didn't have anymore phones on him. >> reporter: police say the first eight months of this year street robberies numbers were 2,300. half were cell phones. it's like waiving money to thieves. reporting live in san francisco, linda yee, cbs 5. the bickering at the white house is worrying wall street. the toy lost 33 point -- the dow lost 33 points. nasdaq managed to get a gain of four points. s&p 500 fell three points. just three weeks left before the fiscal cliff, the clock is ticking for president obama and congress. >> the clerk will read the communication. >> reporter: lawmakers are back
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at work and under the deadline pressure. >> we can solve the greatest economic emergency facing the nation today. >> reporter: white house economist say without a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff, americans may start closing their wallets during the critical holiday shopping season. and curb their spending well into next year. >> they think that it is important that congress extends the middle class tax cuts without delay, without drama. and it is because it will help to maintain the increase in the consumer confidence that we have seen. >> reporter: both sides say they are ready to compromise to avoid the nearly $600 billion in tax hikes and mandatory spending cuts, scheduled to kick in on january 1. but the taxes, they remain the sticking point. republicans and congress, they have been long opposed to any tax increases, but the gop lawmakers say that they are open to raising more revenues through the tax reforms. wyoming republican says that entitlement reform will also need to be a part of the
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solution. >> medicare and social security, they are the two big title waves that are coming at us in terms of the spending. >> reporter: the gop leaders say they will need the democrats to give more in order to cut a deal. >> it is time for the president to present a plan that rises above these wreckless and radical voices on the hard left. >> reporter: the report from the white house economists, they say that the middle class families will see their taxes go up by $2,200 next year, as congress, they do not find a compromise. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. well, it is cyber monday mania. today is on track to be a record breaker and the biggest online shopping day ever. retail analysts say so far sales are up more than 24% compared to last year. and of course, there are several more hours left to get your cyber shopping in. across the board holiday sales are off to a great start thanks to a major shift in the retail strategy. on the consumer watch, julie watts explains how everything has changed this holiday
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shopping season. >> reporter: what a difference a year makes. the sights and sounds of black friday have gone from this to this. as an estimated 41 million people started shopping on thanksgiving this year, the traditional black friday early birds had little company. >> we avoid the crazy lines, we're not the midnight people. we're the 6:30 a.m. people. so we're kind of in between the craziness and the fun. >> reporter: but no matter what time they hit the stores, an estimated 89 million people went shopping this black friday weekend. 3 million more than last year. and according to the national retail federation, most spent more money too. >> and that adds up to about $59 billion in spending this year compared to $52 billion last year. as half of all consumers say they did not wait until cyber monday to shop online. the internet spending this weekend topped $1 billion for the first time with amazon leading the pack. >> we are entering the world of
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perfect information where they have incredible amounts of information right at their fingerprints, whether it is a smart phone or a tablet computer. so the customers, they are able to go wherever they may be to check the prices and check the sizes and the availability. >> reporter: that's the other big thing this year. the use of mobile devices have doubled. one out of four shoppers used apps to find the best deal. and add to that more brick and deals online price matching and they are finding more shoppers like this, who will find the big ticket items online, but by in-store to bring it home right away. >> i have been looking online, but i feel like you can spend forever on researching. >> reporter: but many will buy online this cyber monday, which is expected to be big for retailers and scammers. remember, don't click on unknown links. don't use the same password that you use for other accounts. do use a secure wireless connection and do use your credit card instead of your debit card. they will come with more protection. >> all right, julie, thank you. thick morning fog made for
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a rough commute across the bay bridge and elsewhere today. things are only going to get messier as the week goes on. chief meteorologist paul deanna is tracking a new storm headed our way. >> reporter: it will give us the most significant rainfall that you have had in one year. talking about several inches of rain moving into the bay area this week already. even though the rain won't start until wednesday morning, a flood alert has been issued for much of the sierra, also through the straight and the delta -- strait and the delta. heavy rainfall is on the way, especially in the sierra hills area. here is the set up. there is a tropical moisture plume that is literally direct from hawaii. it is called the pineapple express. well guess what, it will be expressing itself right into the bay area as they set up the perfect location to bring all this rainfall in. how much rain? how about five to eight inches of rain in sonoma county by the end of this weekend. we'll break things down more for you and tell you when things will start and end in a
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few minutes. >> all right, thanks. a california family swept away. the chain of events that had a teenager and his parents caught in the mix. the only untouched natural dune in daily city may soon be home -- daly city may soon be home to a new developer. soda strikes again. the unexpected ailment that your favorite soft drink could be bringing to your knees. ,,,,,,,,
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mother and father. the coast guard called off for a search for a 16-year-old boy who was swept away along with the mother and father. in an effort to save the dog, all three were overcome by waves as high as 10 feet. the dog eventually managed to get out on its own. a father is arrested for gunning down a teenager who had been in a fight with the man's son. vallejo police say that this
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man, the 44-year-old williams killed 17-year-old gary white sunday morning in the glen cove area. police say that white had gotten into a fight with william's 19-year-old son at a party earlier. witnesses say they heard six gunshots and then screams. >> we heard the gunshots, we were woken up at 6:30 by the gunshots calling police. we heard somebody screaming outside. i think it was the 17-year- old's girlfriend. >> william's was arrested at his home in vallejo at about 10:00 yesterday morning. he's been booked into the county jail on a murder charge. investigators in the middle east are preparing to exhume the body of the long-time palestinian leader. a team of forensic experts arrived to help find out what exactly killed him. he died after a sudden illness in 2004. doctors then could not determine an exact cause of death. many palestinians believe he was poisoned. they blame israel.
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israel denies any involvement. licensed to shoot. the new aggressive approach to taking care of the pesky birds at the bay area airport. ,, oh, you have a keurig vue brewer? oh, it's great! now i can brew my coffee just the way i love it. how do you do that? well, inside the brewer, there's this train that's powerful enough to carry more coffee and fresh water to make coffee that's stronger and bigger... and even hotter! actually, i just press this button. brew the coffee you love -- stronger, bigger, or hotter --
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where an endangered flower d p development of one an environmental drama is playing out in daly city where an endangered flower could hold up the development of one of the city's last sand dunes. cbs 5 reporter joe vazquez in the city where it is a battle between the dunes and developers. >> reporter: yes, this is that neighborhood that was hit by a mud slide just two weeks ago. now some folks around here are having second thoughts about a proposed new development in the
5:16 pm
area. >> i don't think building houses up here is progress. >> reporter: environmentalist ken mcintire shows me a rare flower in bloom. >> this is the endangered plant. about 50% of the total world population of this plant is on these dunes. the rest is in san francisco. >> reporter: an ancient shifting dunes above daily city. in particular they grow on the hillside that just recently experienced a frightening mud slide. it send sand charging down the hill, burying more than a dozen cars, narrowly missing the houses. so they are paying special attention to a new proposed development at the top. the plan is to build eight homes on just under one acre in the middle of the dunes, even
5:17 pm
before the mud slide. he was negotiating with the developer to try to change their minds. >> we hope to purchase it. we like daly city to back our efforts to purchase it. and then accept it into the park system. >> we have to do what we can to make sure to obtain open space. >> the daly city councilman says they will do due diligence before any disapproval or approval. >> you have to make sure that those residence down below are safe. you can be sure i'll make sure that happens. >> reporter: i left messages for the developer, but never got a return call. i will tell you that this is a proposal and it would still have to go through the city planning department as well as the city council before becoming a done deal. reporting live in daly city, joe vazquez, cbs 5. san jose international is getting aggressive in their never-ending battle against birds. they want approval for the qualified staffers to shoot at birds to clear them from the
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airfield. and that would be the only last resort if the noise makers and blanks don't work. oakland and sfo already do it, so the idea of guns on the runway, it does not fly with everyone. >> i think the safety with someone having a gun. i mean, who knows where the bullets end up. so that does not seem to make a lot of sense to me. >> san jose has reported 180 bird strikes since 2009. the san jose city council is set to vote on the proposal tomorrow. and they say it's a dark is and stormy night. >> dark, we got. >> yes, it is soon to be knocking at the door. we've got the dark outside right now. stormy is on the way. once it gets stormy, the key is it's going to stay stormy for a while. we're talking about several days of rain. look at these rainfall estimates for later this week. sonoma county, 5-8 inches of rainfall. even alameda county and oakland, 2-4 inches of rainfall, south bay, 2-3 inches of rain. this is the most rain from any one rain event that we have had
5:19 pm
so far this year and it's coming this week. not tonight, not tomorrow, but later this week. everybody in the upper 50s right now. oakland at 59. livermore at 57. we'll be using cbs 5 high-def doppler a lot over the next few days. but right now it is crystal clear and i would like to remind you it's the strongest radar in town. we can see the farthest and see the rain coming in with crystal clarity better than any other media outlet in the bay area. so let's talk about why this is happening. it's a big change. several days of dry weather and now we'll be talking about several inches of rainfall. it's this right here, the pineapple express. if you were to follow the plume of moisture, it goes back to honolulu, hawaii. it's coming from the tropics. this is aimed somewhere towards the west coast at this time of the year. very rarely does it hit any one spot like the bay area. and in this case, all indications are low pressures down from the gulf of, putting that plume of moisture into the perfect location to bring heavy
5:20 pm
rain to the bay area starting on wednesday and lasting for about five to seven straight days. so as of right now, computer forecast models say northern california, here in the bay area, we will be the bull's eye of all that tropical moisture piling in. let's take a look at what to expect for the next couple of days. we're going to stay dry tomorrow with partly sunny skies. the rain arrives on 7:00 wednesday morning. it will be windy too. tomorrow you're fine, but the wednesday morning commute will be sloppy. that moves in. the next wave of rainfall moves in on -- rainfall moves in on thursday and then we'll see it on and off for about three straight days. so we're dry for about the next 36 hours. wet, windy on wednesday with the potential for heavy rainfall on friday, saturday, sunday. so it will be wet and it all begins on wednesday. tomorrow the last dry day for a while. san jose 64. oakland 64. pretty close to average. you'll top out at 65 here. and mid-60s walnut creek and
5:21 pm
pleasanton. napa63. low 60s for daly city and san francisco. here comes the rain. wednesday, rain as well and thursday a little break. how about friday through sunday? some computer forecast model looking at the north bay up to half of a foot of rain over a three-day period. >> wow, that's a lot and have to watch our area's rivers. >> yes, certainly. flooding potential. captain scott kelly will man the longest space flight for a u.s. astronaut. nasa will send him to the international space station for a year-long mission beginning in 2015. the current record for an american is 215 days. scott kelly is the twin brother of the retired shuttle commander mark kelly. your favorite drink could be fizzling with an unexpected ailment. in tonight's health watch, how that can of soda can affect your knees.
5:22 pm
we'll look at the federal budget negotiations tonight on the cbs evening news. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your knees. but now, a surprising factor well the older you get, the creekier your knees. >> that's true. but now a surprising factor that seems to speed up the problem. sugar sodas. we'll explain the connection for you. >> reporter: sugary soft drinks have been long to provide weight gain. but the beverages might be linked to an unexpected ailment, arthritis in the knee. researchers followed more than 2,000 patients with the condition and the most common form of arthritis. doctors monitor them with x- rays of the knee every year for four years while tracking their soda intake. it turns out patients, especially men who drank the sodas had a worse effect on the knees. an important sign of arthritis.
5:25 pm
men that drank five or more a week had doubled the problem. and body weight did not make a difference, suggesting something in soft drinks directly damages the knee. >> it's not surprising. >> reporter: physical therapist bob baker says that diet plays a huge role in the health of our joints. that if you move well, exercise, and eat the right foods, then your knees are going to last longer. >> what you will eat determines how to hail yourself from the inside out. >> reporter: it's not clear how the sugar sodas take a toll on knees. several ingredients, staff phone, high fructose corn -- caffeine, high fructose corn syrup can weaken bones. baker says it's an easy problem to fix. just skip the sodas. >> i think it's a small price to pay for having a knee that lasts 80, 90, to 100 years. >> now regardless, one out of two americans will eventually
5:26 pm
develop osteoarthritis in the knee. your muscles will get weaker and you only make matters worse. >> yes, keep moving. >> motion is lotion. you keep moving, it's better. >> even if it hurts a little bit. >> you've got to move and you've got to move properly. >> all right. >> thanks. ,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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while so many places are cug be is considering here's what we're working on for the 6:00 news. so many places are cutting benefits. the bay area cities are considering doing just the opposite. they planned to lure the veteran police officers from other cities. meanwhile a bay area city manager is doing what they can to keep their employees and the personal sacrifice to retain that top blast. those stories and much more at 6:00. >> all right, we'll see you in 30 minutes. now paul, you have been talking about this since last week. it's about to get pretty rainy. >> yes, you can get the pineapple express. a plume of rainfall all the way
5:29 pm
from hawaii into the west coast. and in this case it looks like it will be heading towards the bay area. there is key, all the way out until saturday. telling me that they are seeing what i'm seeing and it's a prolonged rainy period. right now it's only for the sierras up to about the strait and the delta. i wouldn't be surprised if the bay area is included in that. and heavy rain is starting on wednesday. >> yes. >> thanks. cbs evening news coming up next. >> and with the latest news, weather, always on cbssf.. >> pelley: tonight, is this the boost we've been looking? we're getting new numbers on holiday spending. at least one record has been broken. is it enough to create jobs? anthony mason has the story? how big would your tax increase be five weeks from today? we'll look at the federal budget

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